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CHANDIGARH: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channi, said on Monday that people living in “Lal Lakir” houses in villages and towns would be granted property rights. Channi renamed the program “Mission Lal Lakir” to “Mera Ghar Mere Naam”.

“The people who live in the ‘Lal Lakir’ in the villages and towns do not have property rights. We have decided to give property rights to the people who live in these areas,” he said. after chairing a cabinet meeting here.

‘Lal Lakir’ refers to the land that is part of the village ‘abadi’ (dwelling) and is used for non-agricultural purposes.

With this move, residents will be able to monetize their property rights by resorting to bank loans, etc.

Speaking to the media here, Channi said the revenue department has been mandated to undertake drone surveys of these residential properties in both rural and urban areas for digital mapping.

Subsequently, all eligible residents, after proper verification, will receive property cards granting them property rights, he said.

The beneficiaries would have a period of 15 days to file their objections in this regard and in the event of no response from them, the property card would be issued which would be used for the registration against which they can obtain loans from the banks. or even sell their properties thus improving its monetary value.

Previously, this program was limited to village residents only, but now also covers eligible residents of “Lal Lakir” towns.

Channi said people residing in houses in ancient localities (mohallas) generation after generation would also be covered by the program.

The chief minister also pointed out that even NRIs, who had occupied such residential properties in villages or towns, would also be duly informed to raise objections to give them property rights.

He said his government would soon pass legislation in Punjab Vidhan Sabha to protect the properties of NRIs settled across the world.

Channi also announced that an entry in the income records would be made to protect farmland held by NRIs to prevent illegal sale of properties by some unscrupulous elements.

On the issue of waiver of overdue electricity bills up to 2kW load, the chief minister said that anyone, regardless of caste, creed and religion, would benefit from the waiver.

He said out of 72 lakh consumers, nearly 52 lakh across the state would benefit.

Channi also clarified that only the arrears mentioned in the last invoice received by the consumer would be canceled.

Last month, the state government announced that it was waiving electricity bills for those with an electrical connection up to 2kW.

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