The 2021 calendar year has been a wake-up call. Global interests can try to confiscate the very property we own and manage.

Let us go directly into Silvio Gesell’s writing of his 1906 series entitled “The National Economic Order”:

“The long and bloody civil war in the United States was just a struggle against the landlords. Opposition to any kind of progress comes from the owners; if it depended on them, freedom of movement and establishment and universal suffrage would long ago have been sacrificed in favor of land rent. Schools, universities and the Church were from the start subordinated to the interests of landowners.

“With the nationalization of land, all of these problems instantly disappear. Agrarian policy will melt like snow in the sun of the liberation of the soil. With the abolition of private land ownership, any private pecuniary interest in politics vanishes into thin air. No one will be able to line their pockets in Parliament. And politics which is no longer inspired by private interests, but by concern for the common good, is not politics but, as we have said, an applied science. The representatives of the people will deepen the affairs of the state; they will be forced to adopt working methods that exclude passion and to examine things soberly with the help of specialist knowledge and statistics.

The long and short of Silvio Gesell’s thought process was clearly that the accumulation of anything of value would lead to conflict. He believed and promoted that currency should have an expiration date. The fact that a family could acquire money or land would only pose problems. If you look at the current situation we all find ourselves in today in the United States, we are attempting to enhance fairness in our operation simply by creating value in the lands we are stewards.

So whether you inherit the land or buy it, you struggle to pay property tax every year just to say you own it. Then if you pass it on, your kids can’t afford to inherit the land because the federal government is going to stand there with its hand to take the first 60% if you’re lucky or maybe even more. .

Let’s explore the theory that land ownership by individuals actually leads to conflict. Ironically or not, I’m writing this article about what is officially Columbus Day 2021. We might want to take a realistic look at the warring tribes. According to any search for a reliable source of information, wars between tribes before European colonization were anything but good neighborly.

“While the East Indians fought almost exclusively for retaliation, the South West Indians clashed with their neighbors both to avenge previous wrongs and to plunder their material possessions. The Apaches and Navajo, for example, attacked each other as well as the sedentary Pueblo Indian tribes in an attempt to acquire property through plunder.

Ultimately, many of us want to convince others that working for the common good is the first system. In my opinion, socialism, communism and tyranny also continue to be killers of humanity in the history of the world. Regarding property rights, I will continue to use the Bible as a reference. God, on several occasions, shares with us that personal property is the very fundamental measure of the capacity of each individual to express his best reflection of man made in the image of God.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not represent those of High Plains Journal. Trent Loos is a sixth generation American farmer, host of the daily Loos Tales radio show and founder of Faces of Agriculture, a nonprofit that puts the human element back into food production. Learn more about, or email Trent at [email protected]

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