ALBANY, Ore. – Amid rising costs, Linn County Law Enforcement and Support Services is asking voters to increase the amount they pay in property taxes each year to help fund services .

The four-year tax that funds much of the Linn County jail, sheriff’s office, district attorney’s office and juvenile corrections is set to expire next June, according to Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon.

On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to renew the levy and increase the amount collected in taxes. The replacement levy would set a fixed rate of $ 2.98 per $ 1,000 of assessed value and would raise approximately $ 147 million over four years. For the average homeowner, that’s about $ 551 per year, and almost $ 28 more than before.

“We’ve all seen the cost of things go up, and we’re no different here at the sheriff’s office,” Yon said. “But the way I see it – for $ 28 or $ 40 a year it’s the increase – you can keep all the services that we provide.”

Yon said the tax provided more than half of his agency’s budget and a “no” vote would be devastating.

“We should make drastic cuts. I have about 50 of them working in our patrol division. We would probably be down to around the eight MP range. We wouldn’t have 24 hour service.

Linn County District Attorney Doug Marteeny said the tax funds about 68% of his office. He is cautiously optimistic that the measure will pass. Until now, voters have continuously approved the levy every four years for several decades.

“We are very grateful to the voters who have continued to communicate to us that of all the functions of their government, they want to ensure that the security function is number one,” said Marteeny.

The election takes place on Tuesday and the ballots must be cast before 8 p.m.


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