Shillong: Lady Keane College, one of the first colleges in northeast India, was asked to pay Rs 45 lakh as service fee by the Shillong Cantonment Council because it is located on defensive terrain, an official said on Sunday.

Founded in 1935, the college is affiliated with North-Eastern Hill University.

“You are requested to make the necessary payment regarding the Provisional Service Fee which has been calculated for the period of 1.4.2022 to 31.3.2023 at an approximate amount of Rs 45,25,956/-,” said the Managing Director of the counsel, Vijay Rajak. in order.

“The number of service charges is calculated by the board of directors on the directives issued on this subject by the government. under section 109 of the Cantonment Act 2006,” he said.

Rajak said that the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, the Department of Forestry and Weaving Department of the Government of Meghalaya, and the Meghalaya Electricity Corporation Ltd who have properties in the cantonment council area pay the statutory taxes and fees every year.

Lady Keane College headmaster Khlur Mukhim said she was shocked and found the July 29 order “preposterous to say the least” as the college predates all other establishments created after independence, “let alone the Council cantonment here”.

“The college was founded in British times in 1935. With a heritage of over eight decades of eventful existence, the college has to its credit a record of very distinguished service to the cause of uplift and empowerment of women through the spread of liberal education,” he said.

The authority of the college is raising the issue with the state government to correct this “anomaly”, which could jeopardize its operation, he added.

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