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CONROE, TX – Property taxes and the appraisal process are the domain of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District. Land value projections recently released by the Montgomery Central Appraisal District have homeowners in Conroe searching for answers. The higher real estate values ​​are causing a significant increase in annual property assessments and have caused major concern among citizens and Conroe town officials.

“Our citizens need immediate and drastic relief in light of these substantial increases in appraised values ​​and it is our duty as elected leaders to do all we can to bring them that relief. I am very concerned that some of our citizens will be taxed out of their homes,” Pro-Tem Mayor Raymond McDonald said. As a result, McDonald’s has worked diligently with the tax office and supported the city’s efforts to pass the maximum exemption for homesteads allowed by law, a twenty percent exemption.


Accessory-tax collector Tammy McRae said: ‘Given the rise in values, particularly in residential properties, and the increased exemption for family properties would certainly be a significant benefit to landlords. I have worked closely with Mayor Pro-Tem McDonald and am grateful that Conroe is leading the effort to bring relief to citizens. This is almost ten times the exemption granted by the city in its history and the maximum allowed by law. I encourage all jurisdictions to follow the lead of Conroe officials and consider granting the maximum homestead exemption.

Mayor Jody Czajkoski and Mayor Pro-Tem McDonald were both members of city council in 2020 when council voted to pass the first-ever homestead exemption for the city, but it was only 2.5%.

Mayor Czajkoski said, “I understand that our fellow citizens are outraged and shocked by these recent assessments. I’m also feeling sticker shock as my own home in downtown Conroe, which my family purchased last year, was assessed on the tax rolls at the time of purchase at $224,680. My proposed tax value for this year is $660,650, an increase of almost 300%. I did what I encourage any citizen concerned about their recent estimated worth to do – protest. However, with these historic increases in appraised values, protesting is not enough, the city must do its part. Mayor Pro-Tem McDonald has championed efforts to bring this historic exemption to council and I am confident that our current council will vote in favor of granting this historic relief.


Council will vote on increasing the current exemption from 2.5% to 20% at the next council meeting. Homeowners have the right to challenge the valuation of their property, in writing, online or in person. For more information on property tax issues, visit the Montgomery Central Appraisal District at or call 936-539–7897



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