As Tropical Storm / Hurricane Elsa targets Florida, Florida Agriculture Commissioner and Florida Democratic 2022 candidate for governor Nikki Fried attacked the governor Ron DeSantis on the recent signing of a bill that changes the rules for insurance of property related to damage caused by storms.

SB 76, enacted on June 11, grants relief to a large sector of the state’s insurance industry. The law restructures the litigation rules for contentious insurance claims; prohibiting contractors, public adjusters and businesses from soliciting Florida homeowners to make an insurance claim for roof damage. The law also imposes a fine of up to $ 10,000 when companies break the law. The measure also reduces the time frame within which homeowners can file claims, from three years to two years.

Today Fried wrote on Twitter, “The Florida GOP cuts costs for special interests and developers, but increases costs and taxes for consumers. I am running for governor to break this corrupt system – workers shouldn’t foot the bill for rigged policies to make companies richer. She then retweeted an article from Florida Watch, a progressive digital communications platform, which described the SB76 as a plan “designed to increase rates for hundreds of thousands of homeowners while making it easier for insurers to deny claims. “.

Governor’s press officer Christina pushaw retaliated, “Give it up already. You’ve been talking about it for 2 months, but you haven’t shown any evidence that @GovRonDeSantis has ever“ raised taxes on consumers. ”@PolitiFact has already rated your attack MOST FALSE. (C ‘is entirely false) ”, followed by a link to the history of PolitiFact.

The governor’s deputy director of communications Jason mahon said in a statement to The Capitolist the governor felt it was important for SB76 to become law because of the dramatic increase in insurance costs due to frivolous litigation.

He pointed to a study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which found that while Florida accounted for 8% of all homeowner claims initiated by insurance companies in the United States, in 2019 Florida had more. 76% of all claims against insurers nationwide.

“Anyone looking at this data can see that this is a broken system,” he said.

“We want to make sure Floridians have access to reliable and affordable property insurance. Right now, we have a situation in our state where homeowners are paying more for their home insurance, yet insurance companies are suffering massive losses, ”said the sponsor of the bill, Senator. Jim boyd (R-Bradenton). “One of the biggest drivers of rate increases is the extraordinary number of roofing claims in Florida. This bill provides a much needed update to roofing policies to both protect homeowners and prevent the abuse of claims by predatory lawyers and contractors. “

DeSantis said upon signing the bill, “I am proud to sign SB 76 today to continue our mission of insurance reform in Florida. From my early days in office, I have been committed to doing whatever it takes to reduce the burden of property insurance on Florida families.


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