Also known as loan buyback, debt restructuring allows a borrower to reduce their monthly payments. The practice is for all individuals with multiple credits in progress.

Debt restructuring and its benefits

Debt restructuring and its benefits

The operation of consolidating all the loans of a client into a single large debt is known as the redemption of credits. This practice, which dates, was gradually democratized to be accessible to all the public. Indeed, all banks are able to redeem a customer’s credits when the latter requests it. After this practice, there is only one monthly payment to settle with a contact person. Debt restructuring helps indebted households to better manage their finances. However, the buyout is possible only in the presence of several debts combined as consumer credit, auto loan and mortgage loan.

Several advantages come from the operation. The most obvious result is the reduction in the monthly payment. The home manages to manage its budget better when it undergoes only one levy each month. Then the borrower has a longer repayment period thanks to the intervention. Finally, the overall debt ratio is experiencing a strong discount after the loan buyback. It is for this reason that it is possible to obtain a new credit without waiting for the payment of all debts. However, one must first look for a contract with a small credit redemption rate to bring out all the benefits. To do this, the client can turn to a credit redemption broker or use a comparative online tool.

How to use a loan redemption comparator?

The comparison is always required before subscribing to a banking service, whatever its nature. For those who wish to use a virtual comparator, simply go to and follow the instructions on the interface. The site asks its user to complete the form in order to obtain a flexible answer according to the profile of the individual. After that, the tool takes about 3 minutes to give a result. Unlike a loan buyback broker, the service offered by the tool is completely free. The borrower gets a solution appropriate to his needs with an interesting rate without paying a round. Saving time and saving money are the main advantages of using a reliable comparator like